Lost in your eyes
I get lost, in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind
Is it love that I am in?
I get weak in a glance
Isn´t this what´s called romance?
And that´s what I know
Cause when I´m lost
I can´t let go

I don´t mind
Not knowing what I´m headed for
You can take me to the skies
It´s like being lost in heaven
When (and) I´m lost in your eyes

I just felt
Don´t know why
Something is there
We can´t deny
Ooh, when I first knew
Was when I first looked at you
And if I
Can´t find my way
If salvation
Seems miles away
Oh, I´ll be found
When I´m lost in your eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

I get weak in a glance
Isn´t this what´s called romance
Oh, I´ll be found
When I am lost
In your eyes.
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