Midnight Express
As the night is leaving
silently retreating down an empty hall
Suddenly a stirring
finally recurring where I let it fall

Following the wanderings of a dream
a dream that keeps my soul alive
Believing in an open sky
believing in a love.

Dancing with a stranger
careless of the danger there within his smile
While the dew was forming
breathing in the morning like a sleeping child.

If the memory of the light should fade
horizons reaching cold and blue
Until your heart is free to fly
then I will keep the sun for you.

Until you touch the open sky
then I will keep the sun for you
Until we never say goodby
then I will keep the sun for you.
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Título - Compositor ou intérprete
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Sede dos Marujos (Ivan Lins)
Question (System of a Down)
Um a Zero (Pixinguinha) (com solo de piano)