Piano bar com o pianista Elli Zen.

Take me now
I need
Baby I need your love right now
And I want
Baby I want to show you how
Come on
You know that we've waited long enough
And now it's time
Time to be lovers
So I try
Try to be all you want me to
And it's hard
But baby it's worth it all for you
And it hurts
Making me wait for you this way
I can't go on
So come on
And take me now

Take my love
Make come true the feelings I've been dreaming of
Take me now
Take me fast
You can trust in me
Our love will ever last

I know
We haven't know each other long
But still
Something so right just can't be wrong
Besides it ought to be up to me and you
When it's time
Time for each other
I live
Live for the days we live as one
Look back
Back over all the things we've done
But now
Baby I need your love right now
I can't go on
So come on
And take me now

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